How To Spot the Warning Signs of Track Shoe Wear and Tear

grouser bar stockAccording to Construction Equipment magazine, learning how to spot the signs of track shoe wear is a high stakes business. Not only do track shoes make up 20% of the cost of your equipment, it makes up 50% of repair costs in the long run. If you have grouser bar stock on hand, you can easily repair worn bars as you identify them. If not, then you will have to take the machine completely out of service until the entire track can be fixed or completely replaced.

Writes Larry Stewart, Executive Editor of Construction Equipment magazine:

“With that potential repair expense at stake, doing what you can to trim undercarriage expenses can considerably lower per-hour operating costs. That, in essence, is “undercarriage management”—a discipline (part science, part intuition, all refined by experience) that encompasses machine operation, routine maintenance, periodic evaluation, and, toughest of all, judgment calls about how best to handle wearing components.”

But how do you actually spot the signs of track shoe wear to avoid those expensive repair costs and costly downtime in the field?

Here are some important warning signs to look out for:

The Obvious Warning Signs
Make sure you know everything there is to know about all of your equipment and machines and that includes minor details. Know when the machine was made and who manufactured it, know how long each machine has been in use and how often repairs were needed and scheduled. If you haven’t stayed on top of regular maintenance with these machines, you run the risk or causing further damage down the line and will have to spend a lot more money to repair them. Keep an eye on physical issues as well, including, the presence of mud, ice buildup, clay, debris, and any physical breaks or cracks on the tracks.

The Technical Warning Signs
You should inspect sprocket teeth to make sure everything is on track. Excavators typically use triple grousers that have three teeth. Worn sprocket teeth are pointed to a sharp edge with a much greater distance between drive surfaces. If that’s not the case, you might need up seek professional assistance for your maintenance needs.

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