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A Basic Overview of Crusher Maintenance and Repair

Construction equipment is essential for not only the construction industry itself, but for each industry that’s able to function after the building or structure has been crafted. In 2014, for example, the North American construction equipment market accounted for 21% of the entire worldwide revenue. Whether you’re working with crushing bars, grouser bar tracks, tipping

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3 Grouser Bar Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Whether on a farm, a construction site, or even on a distant planet, grousers can help make important jobs a whole lot easier. But if your heavy equipment track shoes break down, you need to find a quick solution to ensure you can finish the task at hand. While grouser bars are extremely prevalent, there

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5 Benefits of Welding New Grouser Bars in the Field

When a machine breaks down in the field, the pressure to minimize downtime can lead to some bad decisions. For instance, when your heavy equipment’s track shoes break down, you have two options: replace the entire shoe or re-grouser. Because many companies aren’t immediately prepared to re-grouser in the field, they instead choose the much

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How To Spot the Warning Signs of Track Shoe Wear and Tear

According to Construction Equipment magazine, learning how to spot the signs of track shoe wear is a high stakes business. Not only do track shoes make up 20% of the cost of your equipment, it makes up 50% of repair costs in the long run. If you have grouser bar stock on hand, you can

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A Few Tips to Help You Extend Undercarriage Life on Construction Equipment

Undercarriage repairs can make up almost 50% of overall maintenance costs on a piece of construction equipment, which means it’s that much more important to properly care for pieces of crawler machinery. If you’re looking to extend the undercarriage life, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind and in regular practice.

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Different Ways to Get More Tire Traction on Your Construction Equipment

The U.S. has the second largest construction market in the world, coming in at approximately $900 billion. A large part of that is the equipment used by construction crews every day on the job, but sometimes even they need upgrades. One of the most important things for a construction vehicle to have is tire traction.

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