5 Benefits of Welding New Grouser Bars in the Field

grouser bar sizesWhen a machine breaks down in the field, the pressure to minimize downtime can lead to some bad decisions. For instance, when your heavy equipment’s track shoes break down, you have two options: replace the entire shoe or re-grouser.

Because many companies aren’t immediately prepared to re-grouser in the field, they instead choose the much more expensive option: replacing the worn shoe completely. Over time, these hasty decisions add up. According to a 2008 survey reported by Construction Equipment, 28% of crawler dozer owners will actually spend more on repairs than the original purchase price. The same is true for many other types of heavy equipment.

One of the main reasons operators don’t save money with new grouser bars is simply inertia — they’re used to doing things a certain way. But there are a number of benefits to performing fast repairs with grouser bars. We’ve outlined some of the most important benefits below:

  1. Perform Repairs In the Field: So long as you have the right grouser bar sizes on hand, you can weld the bars onto the worn edge right there in the field. That means less down time.
  2. Improved Equipment Performance: We have some bad news: your heavy equipment didn’t come with the strongest available grouser bars. Those are simply too expensive for most manufacturers. However, when replacing worn-out bars in the field, our grouser bar material is actually much harder and longer lasting than the original bar. Unlike patching a tire, our grouser bars are actually stronger than the original material.
  3. Stock Up on a Variety of Grouser Bar Sizes: If you operate a large fleet of heavy equipment, then it’s a good idea to keep a variety of grouser bar sizes on hand. By purchasing a ready-to-go grouser bar stock for all of your equipment, you don’t have to worry about unexpected (and expensive) downtime. Just select the right grouser bars and weld it into place immediately.
  4. Save Money: Did we mention that re-grousering is far cheaper than replacing worn track shoes? Not only that, but the bigger the machine, the bigger the savings.
  5. A Long-Term Solution: Despite what you may have heard, welding new grouser bars into place isn’t a quick fix. You can actually keep replacing several times before you’ll ever need to replace the shoe. That means you can extend the life of your fleet for years to come, while saving money on repairs in the process.

The benefits are pretty clear. With the best grouser bars on hand, your welding team can get your equipment back up and running in no time at all. In fact, you may even see improved performance and traction as a result.

To learn more about our various grouser bar sizes, contact the 4N Corporation today.