3 Grouser Bar Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

weld on grouser barWhether on a farm, a construction site, or even on a distant planet, grousers can help make important jobs a whole lot easier. But if your heavy equipment track shoes break down, you need to find a quick solution to ensure you can finish the task at hand. While grouser bars are extremely prevalent, there are a lot of misconceptions about grouser replacement that still persist. We’ve debunked just a few of these myths below.

MYTH: You can’t fix track shoes; you can only replace them

Reality: Actually, you can opt to extend the life of your current track shoes by replacing the grouser. Track shoe replacement may not always be necessary in every case. You could end up spending a lot more time and money than you need to. In fact, you can replace your weld on grouser bars several times before you’ll need to replace the shoes. Re-grousering will undoubtedly extend the life of your equipment and will allow you to get the job done.

MYTH: It doesn’t matter which grouser bar you use

Reality: While re-grousering is generally a good idea, that doesn’t mean all grouser bars are created equal. Grouser bar sizes will vary depending on the equipment you have, but weld on grouser bars are by far the best choice. They’re actually harder than the original bar on your equipment, which means they can offer reduced downtime and better savings overall. If you aren’t sure which kind of grouser you need, weld on grouser bars are typically your best bet.

MYTH: A new shoe doesn’t cost that much more than grouser bars

Reality: No matter what, you’ll end up saving when you choose to re-grouser. But depending on your equipment, you could save thousands of dollars. The North American construction equipment market accounted for 21% of worldwide revenue in 2014. If you can save money on a higher-quality product that allows you to get the job done fast, why wouldn’t you take advantage?

If you want to maximize your productivity, save money, and get a better grip, re-grousering may just be the perfect solution for your project. To find out how 4N Corporation can help you achieve your goals, contact us today.