Grouser Bars For Sale



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You’ve lost traction and power because the track shoes on your heavy equipment have worn down.   Worn track shoes mean lost productivity for you and your operation.  You need to do something fast.

You could replace the entire shoe.  But that option is expensive – in both time and money.  Instead, you can re-grouser – replace only the worn bar across the length of the shoe itself.  It is an affordable, efficient way to restore the traction and grip you need to be productive in the field – and at a lower cost than a new shoe.223426-R1-06-19

Yes, re-grousering is a good idea.   But you need to employ the right grouser bar.  Did you know that you can find bar to weld onto your machine that is actually harder than the original bar?  And that means extended life, less down-time, and increased savings.

Welcome to 4N.   The grouses from 4N are your absolute best choice to maximize uptime, increase traction and grip, minimize maintenance downtime and increase payload while also helping to ensure the safety of your operators.  D11 32 inch shoe 192 running hours

It is our number one priority at 4N to take care of you, our customers, and that we build and nurture relationships that last over the long haul.  That’s why we will always give you the quality, speed and dependability you expect – and deserve


At 4N, we may be the little guys from the hills of Pennsylvania, but we are the absolute specialists in impact and wear resistant grouser bar.